Security Operating Center (SOC)

Safedash provides holistic managed security solutions with integrated modules, enabling you to leverage the best multilayered, comprehensive protection.



Someone who understand the functions of firewals or networks in general may not maintain a thorough knowledge of security best practices, as well as the latest security risks.

Long-term Solution

A static solution in today’s dynamic cyberspace doesn’t make business sense. Safedash will end the infinete «refresh» loop.

Easy Access to Meaningful Data

The rate of threat generation is so great that security solutions must operate and update in real-time World, your IT security has to be real-time too.

You ‘ve been breached and need to take control immediately.


To focus on your business goals, you need to manage risk across your infrastructure. That means anticipating problems, taking corrective action, and showing practical results—while controlling costs by freeing up internal IT resources. With Safedash Managed Security Services (MSS), you can proactively identify vulnerabilities and prioritize threats—helping you improve visibility and reduce risk.


Managed Security Services of Safedash provides monitoring and management for a wide array of security devices at your various locations. Your devices are connected to Safedash SOC or our engineers are remotely conntected to your device. This vendor-neutral service allows you to select world-class products, help protect past investments in technology, and avoid vendor lock-in. Your security devices generate threat data in the form of logs or events.


We collect this threat data in near-real time and send it to our Security Analytics Platform, with its proprietary correlation and classification technology. The platform filters out benign security events and escalates those incidents most likely to pose a threat. We then assign each incident a risk rating and reference the specific threat-detection use case triggered. You can view security incident information through SOC Portal.



⊙ 7/24 monitoring

Customer who has SIEM infrastructure and usecase / scenario were created.


• 7/24 realtime alarm monitoring.
• Log & corelation control
• False/positive analysis
• Informing via e-mail, sms, ivr and call
• Incidant detail investigation; find the attack source and attack type.
• root cause analysis and reporting



⊙ Incident response

⊙ Professional reporting

⊙ SIEM consultancy management

• Cerating a rule-set.
• General SIEM health check.
• SIEM installation & Integration
• Training & documentation


⊙ Test

• Penetration tests
• DDOS attack simulation with caDDoS (please get informed about our new attack tool)
• Red/blue team.
• Cyber Drills.
• Vulnerability check.


⊙ Risk & competency

• Cyber risk and level.
• Regulation & law competancy.
• Penetration test analysis.

⊙ Device support

• Application-Level Firewall
• Content Screening
• E-Mail Security Gateway
• Endpoint Security
• Firewall
• Host Intrusion Detection System (HIDS)/Host IntrusionPrevention System (HIPS)
• Load Balancers
• Log Monitoring and Management
• Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)/NetworkIntrusion Prevention System (NIPS)
• Proxy Server
• Unified Threat Management (UTM) or Security Appliance



Network monitoring is the use of a system that constantly monitors a computer network for slow or failing components and that notifies the network administrator (via email, SMS or other alarms) in case of outages or other trouble.


Network monitoring is part of network management.



Safedash will handle below purposes for network monitoring


  • Monitors network traffic
  • Monitors data packets
  • Filters according to IPs, protocols, and data types
  • Uses SNMP, packet sniffing, WMI, NetFlow



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