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Cybercrime is rapidly increasing and it doesn’t seem like organisations’ security functions are keeping up.


Today’s network now includes personal devices, virtualised workloads, and sensors that represent rapidly increasing points of connectivity as well as potential security breaches. Organisations may face even greater risks since conventional cyber security methods are not as effective as they once were.


Businesses of all size “either too big or too small”, need to rethink their Information Security Approach.

Is your organisation ready to deal with cyber threats?

The nature of cyber threats has changed dramatically throughout the past five years.


Today, all organisations are at risk of cyber-attacks.


New technologies such as virtualisation, social media and cloud based services are driving business innovation, yet it is also exposing organisations to new and emerging threats.

How Safedash can help your organisation?

Being prepared for a cyber-security incident requires that you have taken the time to consider potential scenarios that might occur and take steps beforehand to define how you will manage and respond to those incidents.


Our team of experts can work with your organisation to define strategies and design response workflows and processes aligned with your organisational structure.


Our primary focus is to help build cyber resilient businesses that can not only protect themselves in cyberspace, but also swiftly recover and resume business operations when attacked

  • 7×24 monitoring (network & cyber security monitoring)
  • Incident response
  • In-depth examination of incident trends.
  • Incident information & detail reporting (with out SOC PORTAL software)
  • Endpoint device managementLow cost & experienced human mangement
  • Direct call to support & online support


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