Soc Training

“If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.”

– Sun Tzu


SOC Training Class

Security Operations: Design, Build, Operate, Mature

The inclusion of all functional areas of security operations is intended to develop a standardized program for an organization and express all necessary capabilities. Admittedly ambitious, the intention of the class is to provide a unified picture of coordination among teams with different skillsets to help the business prevent loss due to poor security practices.

Designed to address the needs of security operations.

After attending this class, the participant will have a roadmap for what needs to be done in the organization seeking to implement security operations.


This course provides a comprehensive picture of what a Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC or SOC) is. Discussion on the technology needed to run a SOC are handled in a vendor agnostic way. In addition, technology is addressed in a way that attempts to address both minimal budgets as well as budgets with global scope. Staff roles needed are enumerated. Informing and training staff through internal training and information sharing is addressed. The interaction between functional areas and data exchanged is detailed.


Who should attend?

Ideally, attendees will be SOC managers, team leads in security specializations or lead technical staff, security architects. CIO, CISO or CSO (Chief Security Officer) is the highest level in the organization appropriate to attend. This is not technical specifically, but someone without knowledge of IT common practices and Information Security fundamentals (such as the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability triad) will be lost very quickly. This is not a class to send SOC analysts to.


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